Where Would I Go if There Was No Pandemic?

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Today, I was in a reflective mood. Below are my thoughts, it would be great to hear yours!

Where would you go if we were not in a pandemic?

Imagine a world with no pandemic. Where would you go and why? It’s hard to believe that at this time last year we were traveling and going places without a care in the world! In our mind’s eye, let’s go back to that time.

Or instead, let’s look forward to the time when this is all past, where would I go and why? Since this crisis, my choices have definitely changed. I wouldn’t think of the fanciest place or the most exotic. I would travel to the places that we have for so long taken for granted.

I would travel to the nearest outdoor festival where I could be with other people and not be afraid of being infected. I would rub elbows with strangers without concern that even breathing the same air as them would be dangerous!

Along with the virus came much social unrest. Whether it was the cause or the catalyst is irrelevant. This pandemic saw tempers flare due to civil rights being crushed, literally. This led to peaceful protests that brought out the worst in some people.

Traveling to any large open area, small town, or park with historical monuments has taken on a more ominous meaning. If there was no pandemic, I would take off driving with no destination in mind. And I would stop whenever I felt like it and enjoy the small-town atmosphere wherever my appetite took me.

Where else would I travel to if there was no pandemic? I would meet with my congregation and worship God together. Using technologies such as Zoom and teleconferencing has been effective. But you can’t have a hearty handshake over the phone or feel a hug through a computer monitor.

And I wouldn’t complain about the talk being too long or perhaps even a little boring. I would just be glad to be together in person with those who share my faith.

Where would I travel to if there was no pandemic? I would go to the nearest movie theater that was showing the latest summer blockbuster and enjoy popcorn and a cold drink. Sure, I would complain about the price and the uncomfortable seats. I might even speak up to the teenager who continued to text after the movie started. But I would do it with a smile and be glad to be there.

I would go to all these places because I would be able to do so with other people. We are social creatures. We need interaction with others. As much as I’ve enjoyed staying inside, this pandemic has tested us all.

It’s the little things that stand out the most.

  • Going into the store and remembering that we need a mask.

  • Wearing gloves to pump gas, even in the summer.

  • Sanitizing after touching EVERY. SINGLE. OBJECT.

This pandemic has demonstrated how much we need each other. Yes, there are many places I would travel to and it's not the fancy places that first come to mind. That is why we all need to follow directions so we can get back together as soon as safely possible.

I hope this post gave you something to think about this week.

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Enjoy your week and can't wait to talk again!

Yours in positivity,