Watch Out for These 5 Energy Drainers!

“It’s morning again, aren’t you excited?” Said no one EVER! Many of us start the day exhausted and drag from one hour to the next. Last time, we talked about 5 great ways to increase your energy. Hope you enjoyed it. However, that’s only ½ the battle.

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Do You Know These 5 Great Ways to Increase Your Energy?
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Today, let’s see how we can watch out for 5 energy drainers. This is just as important. Otherwise, it’s like you’re carrying a bucket with holes in it. No matter how fast you fill it up, you’re still losing water.

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Now on to our subject! What are 5 things, or habits, that can drain your energy? Remember that leaking bucket? You don’t want to be like that!

And here they are:

  • Eliminate Energy Drainers

  • No Quick Fixes

  • Stop Worrying

  • Stop Slouching

  • Don’t Neglect

Let’s discuss each one in detail to see where you can improve and have the energy to do the things that are important to you.

1) Eliminate Energy Drainers

What are Energy Drainers? Anything that we tolerate, ignore, or put up with that drains us of our precious energy. Think of it as mental or physical clutter that drags us down. If we can identify and ruthlessly eliminate some of these “energy vampires,” imagine all the energy we can reclaim!

Only you can decide what is draining your energy. This has to do with your priorities. However, I can give a powerful tool to use once you’ve identified whatever is sapping you of energy. That tool is the immensely powerful word, “No.”

Just remember, whenever you say “No” to one thing, it’s giving you energy to say “Yes” to something else, something that is more important to you and your personal goals. So, what’s next?

2) No Quick Fixes, Focus on Proper Nutrition

Rather than eating properly, it’s easy to rely on “quick fixes” to get us through the day. The danger is that these can fool us. We may feel full or may even get a burst of energy. But we all know the crash that follows.

It’s so much better to have nice meal. Then add in healthy snacks. And never forget drinking plenty of water. I’ve recently started drinking a bottle of water each morning before anything else. I’ll keep you informed of the benefits gained.

How do you eat healthier? We could write a whole blog on that, perhaps we will. But here are some principles to get you started. Start small, don’t try to completely change your diet overnight- unless your doctor tells you to, that’s a different story. Think of it as a lifestyle change, not a fad diet. Fads come and go, so unless you want a bad habit to “go and come” back, look for something more sustainable.

3) Stop Worrying So Much

Stop worry from dragging down your energy. Anxiety can cause a hormonal rush that can leave you drained. And even if only temporarily, the exhaustion may linger on, sapping you of needed strength.

What are some things that worry you? Could it be relationships: is this person you couldn’t live without proving to be difficult to live with? How about financial woes: are you at the end of your money and there's still a lot of month left? How about guilt: has everyone else forgiven you... except YOU?

It would be nice if worry had an on/off switch. If we could turn it off and regain all the energy it has taken from us. Here’s the next best thing: change our attitude, we’ll talk more about that in a later post.

For now, if a matter is out of our control, don’t worry about it. If you really have no control anyway, don’t waste your energy on it. If you can do something about a situation, do it as soon as possible. Even if only a little action is taken, that’s progress, and that will energize you.

4) Stop Slouching and Breathe Deeply

Parents and teachers have been right all along. Sit up straight and stand tall. It’s true, poor posture actually causes fatigue! Why? Because it is an inefficient use of our wonderful body structure. Our muscles tire more quickly because they're working harder.

Let’s add to that deep breathing. Most of us breathe too fast, almost like the way a dog pants. Take time to breathe deeply, really fill your lungs and exhale fully to clear out all the old and bring in fresh air occasionally.

So, if back pain, other body aches, or even headaches are slowing you down, what can you do? Consider your posture and watch your breathing. By making these physical changes, you might be able to tap into more energy to get you through your day.

5) Don’t Neglect the Need to Recharge and Renew

If you find yourself running out of energy often, examine your down time. That might seem counterproductive, but remember, even your phone needs to recharge every so often. We cannot be “up” all the time. We need time to renew.

First area of concern is proper rest. Most don’t get enough sleep because they don’t recognize its value! That’s when your body and brain are repairing, healing, and growing. There’s a lot more going on than just resting.

The next area is recreation. Yes, recreation can give us energy. We work hard, there’s nothing wrong with playing hard as well. In fact, the word itself is “re-create.” Proper and balanced recreation serves the purpose of improving physical health, boosts self-esteem, and can even reduce stress.

In Summary…

Watch out for these 5 “Energy Drainers!” Commit to avoiding even one of these and see your energy increase. Just as there are things you can do to increase your energy, ruthlessly avoid those habits or actions that can sap your strength. We need to quit fooling ourselves and start "fueling" ourselves!

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