Want More Success, Clarity, and Focus? Motivation Can Do That for You!

You now have the fifth post dealing with motivation. You have a better understanding of what it is. We’ve discussed some ways to get it as well. But what’s the real value of it in your personal life?

Motivation is one of those “buzzwords” we hear all the time. Podcasts, talk shows, even our boss may say it a lot. But seriously, we all listen to the same radio station, WIIFM, What’s In It For Me? Do you want more success, clarity, and focus? That’s what motivation can do for you!

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Sorry, if I’m a little late this week, it was our 34th year wedding anniversary. So, I was a little preoccupied. Now about getting more success, clarity, and focus.

What is Success... for You?

A lot of folks think of money when they think of success. But what does success look like for you? While money may be an initial motivator and mark of success, it doesn’t last. Consider all the people who make good money but hate their jobs. Consider all the fabulously wealthy people who are so unhappy.

It’s been said that true success is when your activities are aligned with your passion and mission in life. If that is true, (and it certainly sounds good) then we need to first and foremost be true to ourselves when it comes to setting goals. Mission, passion, goals, would you like to learn more about these subjects? Stay tuned to upcoming posts!

What is Clarity?

There’s lots to be said about clarity. Normally it refers to being clear-headed, not being scatterbrained. Here’s a word you’d never want used to describe you, a flibbertigibbet. That’s a silly or flighty person who can’t stay on track.

Tough word, but do you ever feel that way about getting your tasks done? Sometimes, life bounces us around like a ball in one of those pinball machines. Wherever we land, we try to do what we can before we’re pushed or slapped on to the next task. Not very motivating!

How to Maintain Focus

Sometimes we just need to stop and start over. We lose focus when we look at a page or computer screen for too long. We need to stop and look at something else. It’s like hitting a restart button and giving yourself a fresh start. That will produce more energy. It’s scientific according to a study done by the Wharton School of Business.

They say this “restarting” works for us in two ways. We disconnect from past failures, and we can really get a big-picture view of life. That can motivate us to move forward. And it’s been said that momentum is motivation’s close cousin.

Motivation Brings it All Together

Really, each of the above topics, success, clarity, and focus are all related to motivation. Consider what happens if we already know what we want out of life. What happens if we see the true value of our goals leading to what we define as success? Then that will drive us to reach out for it, to do whatever it takes to attain it.

And we can only see that if we have clarity of mind. How do we get that? Here’s a quick way that we may not have considered. Certain colors make us think of certain things. Guess which color provides the biggest boost in motivation and energy?

Researchers have found that surrounding yourself with a bit of green provides a boost in motivation; and that a glimpse of the color green sparks creativity.

So, try to get more green in your life. You can do this by going outside for a walk in the park or having plants around. It’s been said that pictures, even screen savers full of lush green scenes, really can make a difference! And having laser-like focus is very motivating!

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Thought I would share what I consider my greatest success, what gives me clarity, and helps me stay focused. This is who motivates me:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful wife, Claudia! She is truly incredible. The only way she can be such a great wife, mother, servant of God, friend, hard worker, etc is because she must have made copies herself! She is so many things to so many people. I am privileged to be called her husband! I love you, Claudibaby, and always will. 34 years down and forever to go!

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