Learn Motivation in 10 Steps

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On to our topic:

Do you have a job or project that you can’t seem to get started on? Mine was hanging curtains in our bedroom. My wife had purchased everything, the rods, curtains, and whatnot. I needed to provide the elbow grease.

But you guessed it, it all stood in the corner as I came up with various excuses because I didn’t want to do it. Let’s face it, sometimes, we just don’t feel motivated to do what we know we should.

Below are ten steps to personal motivation that helped me to finally get the job done. They can help you too with whatever you’re putting off.

  1. Acknowledge resistance

  2. Remember your "FTF"

  3. Don’t blame yourself for procrastinating occasionally

  4. Understand your style

  5. Don’t question your abilities

  6. Visualize yourself starting

  7. Focus on the task at hand

  8. Communicate with others

  9. Take a time-limited approach

  10. Remember the challenge leads to a reward

Let’s discuss each one in detail

Acknowledge Resistance

Yes, getting up and moving is hard. So, write down what you want to do and keep it handy. Why do you think you see the same commercials over and over? Our minds need repetition to get in motion!

Remember Your "FTF"

What’s your FTF? Some like to do Fun things first, what they enjoy doing. Others do the Fast things first. Yet, there is a real benefit to doing your Feared thing first.

Whatever is stressing you out, do it and get it out of the way! Otherwise, it will paralyze you all day. It will lurk in the background of whatever else you’re trying to do. The sooner you get that monster out of the way, the better. Then you can really enjoy the Fun things and move more quickly through the Fast things. And there is nothing more motivating than accomplishment!

Don't Blame Yourself for Procrastination Occasionally

Be aware that we all have the tendency to procrastinate. We may have different names for it, but it all boils down to procrastination. Identify distractions for what they are. Then gently nudge yourself back on track.

Understand Your Style

What is your style for accomplishment? What gets you moving, is it music, exercising? Whatever it is, try to find it. Hint: We all have one, we just may not know it…yet.

Think back to when you felt your best and energized. Can you add some of that to your current endeavor? For instance, if music is your thing, play your favorite song while doing a chore you hate. It may seem less unpleasant.

Don’t Question Your Abilities

This one is sneaky because we may not outright question our abilities. But we may put ourselves down by comparing ourselves to others. Remember this, the only person you are in competition with is yourself. Each day strive to be a better person than you were yesterday. Never mind what the other guy or girl is doing.

Visualize Yourself Starting

Believe it or not, this may be one of the most important steps. Any successful athlete, musician, or performer will tell you they visualize regularly. Actors rehearse repeatedly. Athletes and musicians practice relentlessly. Yet, we start our day by just rolling out of bed each day…

Instead, spend a few moments seeing yourself as a plane on the runway about to take off. Do a preflight checklist, do you have everything you need for the day? Are you fueled up and ready to go? Do you have a flight plan, a destination in mind?

Focus on the Task at Hand

This step has to do with being present. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. When you’re at work, be at work. When you’re home, be at home. The challenge now is that many of us are working from home. Still, set a clear demarcation between work and home.

And we all know multitasking is a joke, right? We excel when we do one thing at a time. Give your full attention to what you’re doing and then move on to the next important thing.

Communicate with Others

This is one of my favorites. We are social creatures, and we enjoy association. This is true especially when it comes to motivating ourselves to set and reach goals. That’s why it’s good to have an exercise buddy or to join a book club.

The danger here though, is to choose the right partner. You want someone who will hold you accountable and vice versa. You want someone who will push you forward when you may want to stop. It can be disastrous if you want to quit and they agree with you!

Take a Time-Limited Approach

What this means is to take on projects in small bites. Rather than saying “I’m going to finish this job.” Try this, “How much can I finish in the next two hours?” Trust me, this is a lot less overwhelming. If the job isn’t completed, give yourself another two- hour time limit. You get the idea?

Remember the Challenge Leads to a Reward

Focus on the outcome. You started the project for a reason. If it was a good reason, remind yourself of that occasionally to keep the momentum going. Isaac Newton's first law of motion is that “an object in motion tends to stay in motion.”

The same applies to us and our personal motivation. Getting started is often the hardest part. Once that ball is rolling, it’s a whole lot easier to keep it going. So, try these ten steps next time you need to get motivated to do something. By the way, here's a picture of those curtains we hung.

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Here's to your positivity! Can't wait to talk next week!