Do You Know These 5 Great Ways to Increase Your Energy?

Have you ever watched children at play? Do you find yourself thinking “I wish I had their energy- wish I could bottle it up and sell it”? No doubt, many of us have. Ah, the beauty of youth, the strength and vigor. If it could be contained, it would surely be a best-seller. What if I told you, we could get a taste of it?

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Now on to our subject! 5 ways to increase your energy. These work whether you’re young… or have a little more seniority in this thing we call life.

And here they are

  • Watch

  • Track

  • Exercise

  • Maintain

  • Act

Let’s discuss each one in detail.

1) Watch Your Energy Level to Gauge Your Performance

It’s said that anything that’s measured improves. That’s true in most cases unless you’re measuring windows. You still have to get out the Windex if you want to see out of those dirty panes. The point is, you have no idea where to change unless you know where you are right now.

So, it may sound boring, but watch your energy level to gauge how it’s affecting your performance. When are you most tired, mornings, afternoons, or evenings? When are you at your best and do you know the difference? Most importantly, how can you use this information to improve?

2) Track Food and Drink and Observe the Effects

Many of us care more about what we put in cars than what we put in our bodies. We know we need gas for our vehicle to run. Are we that aware of how what we eat affects us? Remember, food is our fuel, make sure you’re putting in the good stuff.

There’s a lot of great information about diets and what’s good for you. We could write an entire post about that alone. But you know yourself and what affects your performance for better or worse. If improvement is needed, what should you do? Drink more water, eat more plants, not what’s manufactured in a plant!

3) Exercise Frequently and on a Regular Basis

Is there still a need to discuss the benefits of exercise anymore? Yes, there is! We all know that we increase strength, improve our health, and attitude by moving more. So why don’t we exercise more often?

Studies in human behavior have shown that immediate experience often outweighs future rewards. What this means is that it is hard to do something uncomfortable even if it earns us something good later. The challenge, therefore, is to power through the initial discomfort. Do it for a week and you’ll notice that what seemed terrible at first, isn’t so bad after all.

4) Maintain Energy by Taking Breaks, Stretching, and Having a Nutritious Snack

Just like your car, don’t run your tank down to empty before refueling. We can’t start strong and be worn out by the end of the workday. For many of us, that isn't the end of the day, but the start of one we don't get paid for. We need to be able to be going as strong at 6 pm as we were at 10 am.

This pandemic has many of us working from home or otherwise changing our routine. This has led to a more sedentary lifestyle- more time sitting down. Unlike your car, your body needs daily maintenance, not every 3 months or 3000 miles. Taking a break every hour or so, moving around, and refueling can give you the energy you need to finish strong!

5) Act Cheerfully and Find Fun in Whatever You Do

Believe it or not, this one is often overlooked. Our attitude really does make a difference. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Remember what we said about children and their seemingly endless supply of energy?

Well, there’s no fountain of youth or miracle pill. That youthful vigor is gone for most of us, but we can get some of it back by acting the way children do. What do I mean? Do you ever notice that kids can find fun in just about anything? They can make a game out of EVERYTHING!

Maybe we can tap into that energy by having a little more fun more often. What are some little things you can do to eliminate some of the tedium and drudgery from your day? How about setting time limits or small goals such as the number of calls made? Then give yourself rewards such as a small snack or some other way to show you’ve won "the game!"

In Summary…

Energy is the foundation to peak performance. Let’s face it there are no “dead” or worn out peak performers. We must have the energy to reach any of our goals. Commit to try even one of these and see your energy increase!

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