5 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself in 5 Minutes

Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning you woke up excited and ready for the day? Instead of dreading the tasks ahead, you were looking forward to it! We may all know someone like that, and secretly we hate them.🤨

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On to our topic, some folks are so hopeful and positive.

How would you like to join their club? It’s not exclusive, we’ve been talking about their “secret sauce” for the last few weeks. They’re motivated! And there are five ways you can be just like them!

Here They Are

  1. Be the boss

  2. Be accountable

  3. Look for examples

  4. Smile

  5. Remember, it’s up to you

Let’s review each of these one at a time. This could be the key to your positivity!

Be the Boss

Whether we own our own business, work for someone else, or work hard at home or school, we can all take ownership. How to do that can be the subject of another blog. If that sounds interesting, let me know.

So you find yourself not feeling motivated most of the time. What happened? You’ve probably got yourself lost in the weeds doing things you don’t enjoy.

Granted, most of us have jobs or tasks we don’t enjoy. That’s why they call it work. However, if your job or task is tied to one of your personal goals or dreams, it can take on a whole new meaning. Then you can stay motivated even through the less glamorous parts of your day! Make sense?

Be Accountable- Yes, Publicly!

Success gurus all have their different ideas. But here’s one that most agree on. If you want to reach a goal, have someone else hold you accountable. Well, the same is true when it comes to getting yourself going when you’d rather not.

The next time you’re “not feeling it,” put yourself out there. Let others know what you’re trying to accomplish and they'll hold you accountable. Try this, post on social media: “Finishing up the next chapter of my upcoming book, y’all! Stay tuned for details,” or some other goal you might have. Share your dreams and folks will cheer you on!

At the very least, they will hold your feet to the fire to get it done!

Look to Examples

The next time you face a lackluster task, day, or even a bad week, look to those whom you admire or respect. These could be people you know. It could be authors whose books you've read, or even characters in books, for crying out loud! If they are your examples, model yourself after them.

Ask yourself, what would they be doing right now? Would they give up? What clever trick would they use to handle this situation? This can get your creative juices flowing and you out of whatever mood is holding you back.


This may sound hokey, but it can make a difference. It’s been said that the act of smiling can be as stimulating as receiving cash or eating chocolate! Even a fake smile can have a good effect. Why? Because those “feel good” chemicals released in your brain are triggered by the muscle movement, not necessarily by what’s going on around you.

So there really is something to that old Dick Van Dyke song about “putting on a happy face!”

It's Up to You

These first four ideas highlight this last one. It really is all up to you. There is so much out of our control…except our attitude. How we respond to all the things going on around us can be either motivating or debilitating.

A wise man once said, “Others can inspire you, but determination is your sole responsibility.” A wise bear once said “Only you…” He was talking about preventing forest fires, but the same thing applies to motivation!

Notice these interesting word puzzles:

  • Responsibility= "Response ability", you do have some control!

  • Depression="I pressed on", don't give up!

  • Impossible= "I’m possible", you got this!

How’s that for a different point of view? Sometimes, it really is all in how you look at things. Before moving on...

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